Sunday, April 7, 2013


Welcome. I've been uprooting my family tree for a long time, and those roots keep multiplying and hiding from me. And the more I uncover, the more I find I need to discover.

Along the way, I've found family and made friends, many of whom I consider family. I work with cousins I've only met on the internet and spoken to on the phone.

Why am I now deciding to blog about my adventures? Because I'm finding that many people are encountering the same issues I've found and don't quite know how to proceed. I hope that by talking about how I worked through or over or under or around or shelved an issue, I can help someone else.

Plus, now that I've discovered so many new cousins, I can share some of the good stuff with them on this blog.

So, grab your shovel, notepad, hard hat, flameproof vest, flashlight and pc/tablet/smartphone and let's go uproot the family tree!


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